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The server will be down while we apply the new version update.
Please stay tuned for more info...


VU 0.4.8 Live and Kicking


The server has been updated to version 0.4.8 and so have the client builds. Download a fresh copy.


VU - Maintenance


Server is down for maintenance and version update 0.4.8.
More info about server status and client updates soon...


VU 0.4.7 Take Two


After our borked update earlier we managed to localize the problem, fix it and rebuild the whole project within an hour.
Surely, somehow we must have been getting better at this Wink

Without any further delay by release formalities we'd like to present our new 0.4.7 client available for download.

Have fun!


Hang On...


After deploying the new 0.4.7 version to our live environment we found an issue that will need a fix for release.
The 0.4.6 version has been rolled back and will be running while we are patching things up for a new build.

We should be right back after this break! Join our IRC Chat for real time news Wink


Up and Running - VU 0.4.6


The server is running and ready for fresh 0.4.6 clients.

Most important changes were applied on the server side but the client received some improvements as well:
- There is now a model in place to recycle your items in style.
- All options are now merged into one Option Window with sections. (default: O)
- Mob AI and movement was revisited to assure respawns and prevent glitching.
- Cleaned op some minor annoyances / typos Wink





Our server has been shut down for maintenance and in anticipation of a version update.

The main reason to shut down the server early was to prevent pollution of the database. The issue has been corrected and measures were taken to prevent this in the future. We are almost done with the new build so keep an eye on this channel ...


Version 0.4.5: WebPlayer VS StandAlone

Those of you who have subscribed to this channel have probably noticed the disappearance of the Unity WebPlayer file. We would have replaced it with a new WebPlayer if it wasn't for the better quality and (consistent!) performance of the Unity standalone build. That was more then enough reason to switch our target platform and so we hereby proudly present our first standalone OBCity-client.


Version 0.4.x - Codename Overhauling

Rumor has it that there has been a new version available to public without an official announcement. We are not going to deny nor confirm any of these rumors but the facts are that we are close to delivering a stable release. As always, there will be an official announcement on this channel as soon as we think things are stable enough... Wink


Progress Status

It's been a while since the 0.3.7 version was published and we're happy with the results so far.

We identified some more and less important issues and like to thank everyone involved in testing/reporting. It's really appreciated! Development might have slowed down a bit, because of good weather and social obligations, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Smile


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