Hi there, and welcome to Project Ion!

Project Ion, or pion for brevity. is an online world, independently developed and maintained by a bunch of game-fanatics. It's been quite the adventurous ride to get where we are today, and we've been grinding our skills every step of the way. All of which would have been impossible without the loyal support from people like yourself, and those who freely share their knowledge with the internet.

In essence, this site is to share the results of what initially began as an experiment and then took on more serious proportions. Thanks to a third party maintainer we also have a wiki with detailed information to support new Pioneers. And anyone else interested in the world of Ion, for that matter.

For technical support or other inquiries you're more than welcome to join us on our Discord server. And for good measure there is also the Pion forum where one can contemplate things in relative solitude...