Open Seasons Greetings


Good evening everyone,

Yesterday the live server was successfully updated to version 0.6.4. Right on time to receive it's baptism of fire during the Open Season event. With the holidays in sight we decided to celebrate the past year and thank everyone supporting the project by organizing an enhanced version. Time wil be extended from 100 minutes to 6 days and hunting, mining and production are included for the fun of it. A quick server side patch will make sure we can keep track of it all (Thanks John Smile )

- Event starts today at 21:40 (GMT+1) until the same time next Sunday.

- The top 3 accumulated globals in each category will win cash prizes (300, 600 and 900 Dinar).

- Only individuals are elegible for this event.


Wishing all you folks out there a healthy and prosperous 2016,

Team TestBuilt