FAQ v1.1 -

How do I start playing this game?

Assuming you have installed the most recent client and signed up for an account, you can login straight away and checkout the world of Project Ion.

How am I supposed to move around the world?
The basic controls should feel familiar to anyone with previous experience in online multplayer games. A critical feature in Project Ion is switching between movement and menu mode using [ SPACE ].In movement mode the mouse will control where your avatar is Iooking at. The [ WASD ] keys are used to move forward, strafe left, move backwards and strafe right, respectively. Switch between walk/run with [ Q ] and toggle crouch mode with [ CTRL ] and sprintVehicles useDefault key bindings can be reviewed and changed from the Options menu [ O ].

How do I acquire gear/resources?
There are different free pickups scattered about the world that can be picked up by just walking over it. These items can be traded with players or npc's to get the items you need. Some equipment and resources can also be found on creatures but, if you want specific items then crafting is the way to go. Resources can be refined and made into components that can be assembled into finished items. With all that said, chances are that you'll run into someone friendly folks helping you on your way before spotting your first freebie. How awesome is that?

Are there any skills yet and how do they work
A pile of skills were added soon after the UMA system was implemented and skill levels increase swiftly early on. While the experience level for a certain skill goes up the amount of skills gained will slowly decrease. There are different categories for hunting, mining and crafting with personal attributes aimed at your avatar's health and stamina. The players personal skills will still play an important role, though. Especially in the pvp areas!

When are you releasing the next update? Any ETA?
As soon as it's ready. ETA's are a pitfall. As soon as an ETA is nearing the focus tends to shift to working faster and cutting potential corners. This is almost always detrimental to the quality of the final product and it's enjoyability. Since we have a firm belief in delivering a quality product where the main focus is on fun, we abstain from estimating releasedates.

How many people are working on Project Ion?
Two brothers started seriously developing (with) the project in early 2012. Since then there have been a growing number of people helping us test new features, promote the project and support new pioneers. Supposedly there is a tightly knit group of loyal supporters referred to as the “Project Ion Usual Suspects”, or PIUS for short. We can assure you these are just rumors.

Are you looking for people to join the development team?
We're actually offering a live platform for people to show off their artistical capabilities. We also encourage everyone to sharpen their creative writing and reasoning skills to gain influence in feature discussions. Anyone contributing in a remarkable way, shape or form will get their own 'place' in the game and/or will be mentioned in the credits. We are easily approachable so feel free to contact us. 

Are there plans to make Project Ion a Real Cash Economy?
The answer depends heavily on which definition you use from all the opinions on what a 'Real Cash Economy' actually is. Just to be clear: We are not planning a withdraw system. It would require heavy security measures and (over)stimulate greed at the expense of fun. Every donation will be spent on improving the game anyway so there won't be anything to withdraw, really. With that said, we do have an in game currency which is linked to the euro at a 100:1 ratio, and everyone is free to trade in any way they like. In the event of a donation surplus we have some cool ideas for (real) rewards standing by...