Breaking The Sweat


Good day folks! It's been a while since we posted some news so, with the recent heat wave subsiding, it's about time we provided a fresh update about our recent developments.

Before temperatures in western Europe rose towards a steaming 40 degrees Celsius we started with a first attempt at upgrading the project to the Unity 5 engine. As expected there were plenty of errors and warnings which needed to be addressed due to changed functionality in regards to Unity 4.

In most part this worked out rather well and proved to be a straightforward process by taking care of one issue at a time and working our way down the list. Sadly enough we also ran into a couple of issues that appeared to be bugs in the new engine that were reported by others but not fixed by Unity.

Now, we already managed to find workarounds for some of these issues though this would require more time than just upgrading our code to fit the new engine. So we decided to set this upgrade aside for a bit while sticking with Unity 4 to prepare our next update.

At this point we're ready to start testing a new quest system which provides a challenge and also increases your options for skill gathering. Especially handy for those already operating in the higher regions of available skill sets and struggling to grow further. We urge everyone who feels like helping us out with testing these quests to join our channel and obtain a front row seat for when we release our test client.

And before concluding this news update, we'd like to extend our gratitude and a big thank you to everyone supporting us with their time and donations. Cheers!