Silence is Golden


Yes, it truly appears to be. Even though this space hasn't seen much action for quite some time, it doesn't mean nothing happened behind the scenes. Quite the opposite even.
For all of you following things from a distance: have a peek at the forum announcements to stand in awe at the terrain makeover and other goodies brought to life.

With all the important sytems in place -and more time to spend on eye candy- things are really looking good. And a good reason to post a quick message here is that another update is right around the corner. Besides a bunch of new and improved stuff it will also involve an oppertunity to (re-)create ones avatar. We've had some people requesting an avatar remake a while back and implementing the latest UMA sources seems like a perfect occasion to honor that wish.

So, for all those hibernating with an ugly avatar, salvation is in sight Wink