Merry Christmas Folks


First off, an honorary salute to all you loyal supporters of the project is in order. It just wouldn't be the same without you lot <3.

We hope you're looking forward to enjoy these final days of the year with family and friends as much as we do. At last some time to slow down the pace a bit and see what 2016 was all about. Tempting as it may be, it wouldn't seem appropriate to address developments in the 'real' world here. Let's just say it was a blast and stick to summarizing Ion's progress.

Besides the regular maintenance and improvements there was a prominent place for eye candy this year. Kicking off with a fresh set of armor models and a custom terrain engine. Following up with a big chunk of eye and ear candy involving avatars, ambience and advanced adversaries. While also dedicating some time to tick items off the list of popular requests. And ofcourse, there's always a chance of making a little booboo.

With the most recent version update confirming things are still on the right track. Especially the resource facility take over is a big milestone for the project. Topping it all off with some sexy dune buggies so you folks can be driving home for Christmas and even enjoy our very first batch of Christmas presents.

Best wishes from the TestBuilt team and a happy new year!

Awesome Terrain, Buggy, Coat and Critters in low fidelity