This is the Hall of Fame. A special place reserved for our personal heroes...

Project Ion Contributors:

  • Schlumpfsack - Provided a modular set used to build the shops and walls for our cities. Additionally he also redesigned the machines for Woosh Inc. (Storage, Recycler, Revival, Turrets and Portals)
  • Kalamona - Donated a very nice set of alien creatures.

Our favorite programs:

  • Unity - 3D game engine and development platform. Closed source but free license available. The first Project ION experiments started on version 3.x and development is continued in the latest version 5.6
  • Blender - Very close to becoming an industry standard for 3D modelling, rigging and animating. A very often used open source program based on python.
  • Gimp - The GNU Image Manipulation Program. A free and open source photoshop alternative.
  • Audacity - Hands down the best open source audio editor that money can't buy. Handles the most common tasks one needs.and more
  • MakeHuman - We only used this tool in the very early days, creating our very first (horrific) customizable avatar. Still a great community-driven project aimed at modelling and posing photo-realistic human(oid)s.