Ai ai AI

Hello Everyone,
As promised in the previous news update we've got a fresh newsflash about the progress on VU0.6. No worries though, it's not as bad as the title might make it seem... Wink
We did discover a painful bug with the network update messages during the first tests with creature AI. Obviously this had to be fixed first. The creature AI has been successfully tested by now and works with the majority of creatures. Defenders required some more tweaking for flying nice and Drones are still approaching their target kind of sideways (Under Investigation).

In the meanwhile the skill system prototype was also completely tested and prepared for integration. Initially we started with 4 weapon skills (Melee, Short Range, Medium Range, Long Range) and 3 mining skills (Prospecting, Detection, Extraction). A couple of player attributes were also added just because we could (Strength, Intelligence). Adding more skills is a breeze as the whole system was built with easy expansion in mind. So... suggestions are welcome

All in all, Almost 2 down, Towns, items and loots still to go...

To be continued...