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Roads Less Travelled

Good news everyone!

The previously announced and long awaited version 1.1.0 is now officially live! The new terrain shaders and textures are a big step towards catching up in the visual pleasantness department. And besides that major milestone, we also managed to stuff a ton of other goodies in this update.


Muy Grande Gordo

Good news folks!

It's been a while since the last official news update so we kind of owe you all a big one. And we are currently well underway with the revival of Project ION's public presence. The lack of news posts was mostly due to a lack of time. In hindsight we could have just posted the release notes here as well as on the forum announcements.


Breaking The Sweat

Good day folks! It's been a while since we posted some news so, with the recent heat wave subsiding, it's about time we provided a fresh update about our recent developments.

Before temperatures in western Europe rose towards a steaming 40 degrees Celsius we started with a first attempt at upgrading the project to the Unity 5 engine. As expected there were plenty of errors and warnings which needed to be addressed due to changed functionality in regards to Unity 4.


Wrapping Things Up

Well, that was fast! It almost feels like we've just cleaned up after last Christmas and we're already closing in on a new year. Just like last year we'll also have another edition of the Open Season Christmas event running from December 25th 19:00 until January 1st 19:00 (UTC). With last year's development review following soon we'll wrap this up for now by wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Have a good one folks!


Built and Shipped

Good day folks!

It's with great pleasure that we finally get to announce this big release. We already mentioned the robot alien ship mission completely redone from scratch. I could write a couple of paragraphs about our own observations and how we enjoyed it while building and testing, but i'd rather not spoil the surprise for others. Wink


Gonna Be Huge

Good news everyone!

For those still having issues logging in: Just log in here and grant the system ~3 minutes to sync your data to the world server. (Same for password changes and rewards!)

So, the dust has settled after last weeks fight for a working server. For those who missed out on all the action: Our host decided to disable a feature that we used to verify login data. That is, before we actually had a working alternative up and running. Long story short: We're back, stronger, better and faster!


Merry Christmas Folks

First off, an honorary salute to all you loyal supporters of the project is in order. It just wouldn't be the same without you lot <3.

We hope you're looking forward to enjoy these final days of the year with family and friends as much as we do. At last some time to slow down the pace a bit and see what 2016 was all about. Tempting as it may be, it wouldn't seem appropriate to address developments in the 'real' world here. Let's just say it was a blast and stick to summarizing Ion's progress.


Silence is Golden

Yes, it truly appears to be. Even though this space hasn't seen much action for quite some time, it doesn't mean nothing happened behind the scenes. Quite the opposite even.
For all of you following things from a distance: have a peek at the forum announcements to stand in awe at the terrain makeover and other goodies brought to life.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks!

One year after the much anticipated launch of Project Ion version 0.6 a lot of things have changed and improved. We don't expect anyone to enjoy a long list of things summed up in this post. So for those of you who haven't been following this space the news archive provides a good enough overview.


Open Seasons Greetings

Good evening everyone,


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