Around the Bend


Hello everyone,

We're back again for a quick news update with some good and bad news. The bad news is that we didn't make it to the closed testing phase before the end of September. The good news is that there's more good news than bad news and we're still making progress...

The AI issues mentioned in the previous news update have been fixed and the test build is now infested with 'intelligent' spiders. Combined with optimized networking code this area should be ok for closed testing (without anymore tinkering). The most recent state of the project was also visualized by releasing some fresh screen shots with new weapons.

Despite having coded a lot of custom editor tools for Unity, setting up the first batch did require more time than initially anticipated. We're swimming in new weapon models at the moment so there will be much more items to spread out with future updates. Some items already required setting up recipes even though we might not get to implementing the full crafting system in v0.6. Currently all eyes are on filling the loot system with items for hunting and mining. The mining system is already in place and has been tested with limited resources while hunting loot will need to be setup and filled from scratch.

All in all there's still a lot of manual labor involved. We appreciate everyone who offered to help us though there's only little we can outsource at this point in time. One thing we could definitely use some help with is the clothes and armors designed for the Unity Multipurpose Avatar system. (Clothes need to follow the UV mapping from the base model to function as a texture overlay).

It goes without saying that anyone delivering us a nice set of wearables will be showered in (virtual) riches Wink

Thank you all for reading and we strive to bring you more news a.s.a.p...