Champaign And Reefer


Good evening everyone,

We're in the second week of open testing and nothing exploded yet. The first days were a bit hectic, but with the most annoying issues fixed everything finally settled down a bit. A nice opportunity for an entry in the captains log...

The biggest challenge was to keep an eye on what is happening on the server and keep it running stable. Reading logs is definitely the most uninspiring yet necessary job on the planet, with the most annoying instability found being the flood kick going mad and kicking everyone after ~10 seconds. Worth a chuckle, nothing personal folks. Wink

Another big challenge was (and still is) to balance the availability of items and resources without the crafting profession. At first we got much flack for low average returns and little item variation. One guy was so desperately scavenging for free resources he lost both feet! But, when we increased the average returns people wanted more globals, which are obviously filled with the % that other people lose. We seem to balance somewhere in between now.

Despite the perpetually sucking loot stockpiles are developing in a bunch of storages. We're expecting some more leeway and interesting developments when we release the crafting system (which is currently under construction). To free our hands a bit more we'll also delegate the organization of events to GABI and some others who we'll refer to as the Ministry of Entertainment. Indeed, the future looks bright...