Development Status Update


Hello everyone.

It might not be as soon as some expected, but the fact is that we are here to bring you some good news about the current state of development. It's almost a shame that the achievements are technical in nature like:

- Converting all source code to C# to ease and optimize component interaction. Done!
- Researching terrain features and dynamic expansion possibilities. Done!
- Coding a terrain handler which handles chunks of terrain (2x2 km). Done!
- Filling a 4x4 grid with the 2x2 km chunks to expand the world to 64 km². In Progress...

The terrain textures have already been upgraded to a higher resolution but we still need to test the advanced terrain shader. This should enable the use of bump maps and provide some visual proof of all the hard work. While the bad news is that this will take some more time to complete, the good news is that vehicles will become a necessary feature. Wink

To be continued...