The Dirty First


Good day everyone,

We have been holding back news about the project just for the joke in this title. How's that for planning ahead? Blum 3

Seriously though, a new version update is almost ready for testing before announcing the previous vu. The absence of publicity (noise) simply assured that we got the most dedicated people willing to test all the crafting recipes. That's right, crafting is back baby!

Raw materials can now be refined (one or more times) and used to produce the components needed to assemble a wide range of items. Equipment for mining, hunting and healing, suits of armor and all consumables needed, including some health/stamina boosting "compounds". There is still an issue with unlocking higher level recipes which will be addressed with the next client update. Speaking of which, the planned community system will allow a group of people to gather under a common name and cause. But more on that later, here are the "official" release notes for VU

New: crafting including skills and hall of fame
New: basic protective gear at quick fix
New: revive container added east of mad max
New: items (crafted and looted)
New: sounds for turret and some weapons
New: boosters for health and stamina
New: auto stack button inventory and storage

Changed: health and stamina regeneration base amount calculation (maximum value / 100)
Changed: distribution of resource deposits / claims for the miners
Changed: knives got a bit of extra range to be able to hit the target from any angle
Changed: date and time are now returned from the server instead of the local machine
Changed: netcode was tweaked a bit to gain more stability
Changed: rebalanced some items to improve their economy

Fixed: memory leak in network data was not cleaned
Fixed: ghost 'spawn' from dead mobs
Fixed: weapons/tools being unequipped right after selecting them (still possible with high latency)
Fixed: weight updating during interaction with the storage
Fixed: adding / removing friends to friends list
Fixed: the use of spaces in team name
Fixed: removing offline team members