The Economy Stupid


Good day everyone,

Due to my work for a paid project this section has been neglected for a while now and the official patch news was kindly updated on the forum and in game by Tedjuh and Actus. This news update is to let you all know that we're not turning a blind eye to feedback received since the last update.

We can acknowledge that the most recent fixes to mining brought some side effects to our attention that made us shift focus from developing an auction to mining. Despite the auction already being close to a testable phase, John has been working on the implementation of pick mining (above ground) and some improvements to underground mining which should provide better average returns to individual players.

Getting an economy up and running is quite a challenge, though we are confident that pick mining will support that by allowing people to pick the resources needed without depending on randomness. We are happy glad to announce that a fresh client patch is ready for release later today, and an auction will be added as soon as possible....