First of the Year


Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first news update of the year.

This quick news update is mainly for those that are following the project from a comfortable distance. Most of the effort put into the project is going on behind the scenes and under the hood, so information was only shared with the regular idlers through our IRC channel.

UMA, one of the main features scheduled for the next VU, has seen some nice progress which can be seen in Part 1 & Part 2 of our test footage. We're also getting used to creating assets for the UMA system, so everything seems to work out at the moment.

3rd party networking libraries is another area were exploring at the moment. So far we've managed to squeeze a lot out of the standard Unity networking components and, quite sadly, it's just lacking some essential features. We'll do some more testing and keep you updated.

And last, but not least. The very first Player Organized Event: Burning Ring of Fire
This will actually be the very first event in the history of Project Ion and it will take place in Zion in only a couple of hours from now. Registrations are closed but anyone who wants to witness the spectacle is welcome to enjoy the show.

Good luck everyone!