Frequency Response Test

Hello Everyone,

We'll be increasing the frequency of news announcements while we're getting closer to a finished product. The biggest chunk of our recent activities involved finishing the re-baking of terrain light maps and implementing the new database interface. It would be nice to show some cool screenshots to show off our work, but a database interface is not all that sexy nor proof. In other words, you'll just have to take our word for it... Wink 

Another big thing to mention is that we were approached by a shady figure offering a big pile of awesome weaponry to add in the coming version(s). We will share some screenshots of all the good stuff once we get to implement the first batch. Preferably with a fully functional skill system which is currently in the prototype phase. The whole items system was rewritten, just like most of the abandoned 0.5.9 code base, to make things more conveniently manageable and expandable.

Now, with all the biggest issues solved and behind us, it's merely a matter of adding content and (performance-) testing. Towns, teleporters, NPC's and mobs will be added and tested the following days. With that said, we're confident that we'll have a build ready for some (closed) testing soon, and a publicly releasable build a.s.a.p. If you have any questions (or concerns) feel free to contact us on the TestBuilt IRC Channel.

To be continued...