The Highest Bidder


Good news everyone!

The new testserver is finally up and running an auction enabled test build. Tedjuh will play Santa with a tidy list of everyone who won a ticket in the recent hunting and mining events. Tickets will be awarded to event winners until we are ready to release a fully featured and bug free auction. Shout out to him in the live chat for access to the steamy new test client.

And for the record, it took a bit longer to start testing with the auction as John had to work on minimizing the loss potential with average loot per individual. With the release of that patch, average returns have been tuned to expenses and less deviation over time. The introduction of pick mining before that also took it's toll, but it was a very much needed addition to alleviate the scarcity of certain resources.

With the new auction we expect a better sense of supply and demand so expect some more tweaking...