Just Our Luck


Good day everyone,

Somehow it seems like we've had the odds stacked against us in the past couple of weeks. First with someone tripping over the webhost powercables, then our corrupted minipatch caused maximum mayhem, and finally our internetprovider decided it was time to break down and switch things around.

After all this unvoluntary downtime we're glad to let you all know we are back online. Throwing in vu as well because it was close to finished anyway. One important thing to note here is the need to start the Pion_Patcher.exe manually from the pion client folder to get the latest patch. Tedjuh was kind enough to post the release notes and patch instructions to the pion forum as well.

Thanks for your patience and issue tolerance, we'll be back with more news regarding bugfixes a.s.a.p Wink