Project Progress Update


It has been a week since the start of the industrial revolution and we figured it is a good time to share our experience so far...

The new refine, compose and assemble approach took some time for everyone to get used to and two recipes were proven to be incorrect (titanium mace needs 2 handles and hemp refining gives 1 extra bud). Titanium quickly became scarce as the most wanted resource for the adjusted line of weaponry. Trading is now increasingly important for participants as a means to acquire the resources they need.

To accommodate testing of the new features we tweaked the loot system to increase the chances of looting resources, components etc. Because we are limited in our influence on the loot system the amounts given cannot be changed directly. We will try to balance this more in future releases and have some sort of divine intervention interface to trigger events Wink

John is currently converting some parts of our source code to C# which will make things tidier and enable us to optimize things further. All in all we are very happy with all the feedback we received from participants and we will be back with more news soon...

Team Ionized.