The Right Prize


Good day everyone,

In the past few weeks the new auction system was thoroughly tested in a separate testenvironment while John delivered regular fixes for issues found. At the time of writing this the auction itself is deemed ready to release on the live server, though a bunch of extra tweaks to the loot system requires some more testing.

Because of this we decided to do a clean install of the test server with access for every registered user to compete in an extended Open Season event. To make sure everyone can participate we awarded 5000 test credits for every account and the event will start from the moment this message is posted. The event will end at the usal time and the top 3 loots will receive a prize on their live accounts. (1st 900, 2nd 600 and 3rd 300 Dinar)

With that said, all you need to get going is download the test client and jump into the action...

Best regards and good luck folks!