Unum Anno Mundi

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of Project Ion version 0.5.9 and our developments since we took those very first steps. One has come a long way when it's difficult to remember exactly where the journey started. More than enough reason to keep logging the experience as it triggers memories that would have otherwise faded over time. From little typo bugs to full blown facepalm failures and from minor improvements to major milestones. We actually learned the most from our biggest screw ups and wouldn't have come this far if we had given up after running into some 'unsolvable' problems. Persistence truly is the key to open up new possibilities.

Now, this news thread was not meant for 'old' news so let's talk about some actualities and maybe even some careful predictions for  the future. A big step forward was taken by officially opening up our new homepage. This also means that this message will be the final news update posted to this google site, though it will remain available for historical purpose. With development on the website and the project still in full swing we're confident that there will be more news soon.

The current state of v0.6 is awfully close to delivering a releasable test build for testing with the outside world. Setting up the world objects and the PwnShop are the biggest chunks of work left to be finished. It's unfortunate that we didn't have time to capture a video with all the new Gui sound effects, but a fully functional Mr Quick Fix and Improved Storage is always good news.

That's it for now folks. We're continuing the journey and like to thank everyone who's in the 'business' of sharing their knowledge, time and support for the benefit of all. Easy access to (free) information and tools are essential for tinkerers challenging themselves to undertake something 'crazy' like Project Ion. <3 teh interwebz... Wink