Version 0.4.5: WebPlayer VS StandAlone


Those of you who have subscribed to this channel have probably noticed the disappearance of the Unity WebPlayer file. We would have replaced it with a new WebPlayer if it wasn't for the better quality and (consistent!) performance of the Unity standalone build. That was more then enough reason to switch our target platform and so we hereby proudly present our first standalone OBCity-client. (30MB)

Most notable changes:
- Standalone executable version wrapped in a Windows Installer. (better quality/stable performance)
- A radar view was added displaying coordinates, other players and foes.
- Storage terminals are now represented by an actual model.
- Settings window (default: v)  to tweak player input settings, audio volume, video quality etc.
- Players now have stamina which drains while sprinting (default: shift) and jumping (default: e)
- Lootable health and stamina enhancing 'substances'.
- New (melee!) weapons, clothes, particle effects and overall enhanced graphics on all items/icons.

Work in progress:
- Continuously Optimizing.
- A model for the recycle terminal.
- Competition elements.

We hope you will enjoy this release as much as we are! Wink