Version 0.4.x - Codename Overhauling


Rumor has it that there has been a new version available to public without an official announcement. We are not going to deny nor confirm any of these rumors but the facts are that we are close to delivering a stable release. As always, there will be an official announcement on this channel as soon as we think things are stable enough... Wink

Most notable changes:
- A fresh batch of items including clothes and adjusted weapons.
- Storage and Recycle terminals close to every Woosh Inc. Wormhole facility.
- Global messages for special events like exceptional loot value and PVP combat.
- No more focus issues with GUI (chat)windows.

Work in progress/todo:
- Sound and Particle effects.
- Gathering of natural resources.
- Trading items and resources
- Determining a currency.
- Avatar skill progression.
- More items and areas.

A lot of important things were added/changed on the server side as well, but that's probably too boring/sensitive to mention here. Perhaps the most exciting thing to mention is that our new setup will help us implement more areas. It might take some time before we actually reach that point but every journey begins with a first step...