VU 0.5.3 - The Long Haul


It took quite some time to get this far so we hope you enjoy this HUGE update Smile

The new client is available

Release notes 0.5.3

- All source code was converted from unity/javascript to C#
- new: World consisting of 16 (4x4) separate terrains each measuring 2000 x 2000 meters.
- new: ATS v2 terrain shader to provide support for bumpmapping the terrain. (experimental!)
- new: System to dynamically load, reuse and unload terrainobjects + lightmaps.
- new: System to dynamically load, reuse and unload creatures when needed
- new: System to update creature and player data to clients combining data together efficiently to lower the rpc's needed.
- new: Creatures, Objects, Animations, Sounds and some new lootable items.
- new: Music playlist with a few tracks that are free to use under the Creative Commons License.
- new: Teleporters show a map with locations to choose from instead of teleporting directly.
- new: Basic worldmap showing current position in the world. (open/close using M)
- new: On-demand revive functionality to transport to the nearest revive terminal. (R button on Player Info window)

Known Issues:

- Because of some baking issues there are currently only 4 low quality light maps around the Zion Citadel.
> We will be investigating this but, decided to release as-is so we can incorporate the feedback generated in the next update.

- Some (animated) meshes jitter a bit and this could have something to do with the shaders.
> This needs to be investigated.

Extra Info:

- For now you will only find creatures around Babylon and Zion Citadel.
- Pickups are not in yet and will probably be added next update, along with mining, currency and/or other donation rewards. Wink