VU 0.5.4 - Operation: Clean-Up

Cleaning up some litter left over from the last update we are ready to release the new client in public.

Most important fix applied is the shader and fallback shader for bumped terrain which caused problems with intel graphics. This has been tested on a couple of setups and worked like a charm. If you experience any problems then we'd rather not hear about it...   Wink


release notes 0.5.4

- fixed: Item descriptions are restored (got scrambled by cosmic interference)
- fixed: Components categories (someone messed up the components, nobody confessed so far)
- fixed: fallBackShader option to disable/enable the terrain bump. (graphics settings)
- fixed: Storage location id is now updating correctly.
- fixed: Bug in AI were creatures trap themself on steep hills sometimes. (minerbots)
- fixed: Remote players are walking/running smoother for those experiencing choppy movement.


- new: Development environment was upgraded to Unity 4. (free)

- new: Full terrain lightmapping made with custom terrain lightmapper, beast used for objects.
- new: Animated mouse cursor. Preparing for new crosshair(s).
- new: Coordinates on world map shown based on the position of the mouse cursor. (per request)
- new: Window can be resized while playing in window mode.
- new: Externalized server configuration to allow specific changes without needing a new build.