VU 0.5.5 - Sound Of The Underground

Hello Everyone,

It was rather late last night when we released the new VU and public client. In dire need of some sleep we decided to delay the official release notes, until now that is. We know that a lot of people were eager to test underground mining so we expect you will enjoy version 0.5.5 and the sound of the underground.

release notes 0.5.5

- fixed: Assembly workbench interaction component reapplied.
- fixed: NPC positioning of icon-rectangles containing the recipes.
- fixed: PvP enabled/disabled for players entering/leaving the area.
- fixed: Bugged terrain lightmap importer.
- fixed: Cleaning up and reload objects when connection is lost.
- fixed: Avatar customization should be visible again.
- fixed: Version update window shows VU number without IP address.

- new: PvP on/off indicator available on the player status window bar.
- new: PvP + area name are now shown on the world map.
- new: Free pickups are scattered around the world for continuity.
- new: Underground mining and necessary tools were added.
- new: Animations and effects added for extraction of claims.
- new: Redesigned Storage and Recyclotron models.
- new: Implemented two redesigned reviver models.
- new: Button on login screen to switch between window and full screen mode.
- new: Button on chat window to echo system date/time to evaluate the time left on claim deeds. (24 hours)