VU 0.5.9 - Watch Your Bag

Hello Everyone,

Before dumping the official 0.5.9. release notes, I'd like to thank all of our regular suspects for their patience while we were finishing this new VU. It took us a while to overcome the erratic fps behavior after the engine update, but things are running very smoothly now. From observations (after silent launch yesterday) the server actually consumes 50% less resources and almost no increase in CPU consumption with a bunch of players hunting (each other )   Wink
Alright, and now on to the official introduction. The most noticeable additions in this update are the new PvP areas, one of which is shown on the map. Be careful in this area, even though it appears to contain a lot of valuable resources, you will lose all your raw materials upon death. The resources will be contained in a bag and can be picked up by anyone. The other PvP area is a small cage in Zion where players can conveniently challenge each other and practice their twitch skills risk free.
We hope you enjoy the new update and report any bugs potentially still lurking under the hood somewhere. There are also some nice surprises left to find out for yourselves and perhaps you might even find some clues in the following release notes.

release notes 0.5.9

- fixed: falling through the ground due to some holes in the terrain mesh and a bug in the input/position controller
- fixed: fall damage while teleporting and stamina loss while running on steep hills (up and down)
- fixed: water shader showed semi-transparent artifacts from distant trees
- fixed: the huge radar object which could be seen while falling through the ground
- fixed: readying and using tools/weapons by pressing the toolbar quick keys
- fixed: awkward behavior of the item info window (right-click inventory interaction)
- fixed: automatic unequiping when items are moved to storage etc.
- fixed: multiple issues fixed in the Pwn Shop (clean up on isle 5)
- fixed: adjusted healkit recipe missing 1 part
- fixed: a couple of issues with trade and team requests
- fixed: synching jump to remote players

- optimized: storage and inventory processing needed on the server
- optimized: character input controller almost completely rewritten
- optimized: AI server processing needs are reduced to a minimum

- changes: AI was changed to allow implementation of flying creatures
- changes: arrow buttons were added to the list of selectable inputs
- changes: some adjustment to mining now with three types of bombs

- new: PvP area where players drop their raw materials as a pickup when they die.
- new: in the new PvP area only team members or creatures will be visable on radar
- new: replaced johns ancient spider model with a free mutant spider asset from kalamona
- new: the first flying creature has been spotted, caution is advised considering the area
- new: buildings based on schlumpfsack's scifi package modified using a custom editor tool
- new: props from the unity asset store and some custom made using bits and parts
- new: recipes for the new bombs used in underground mining
- new: a medium PvP ring in Zion (as per player request)
- new: button on login window to reset player preferences
- new: server side storage and retrieval optimized for bulk data (preparing for skills   Wink