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VU 0.5.9 - Watch Your Bag

Hello Everyone,


Incoming Awesomeness...

Hello Everyone,
So what's up? Well, multiple things, really...

VU 0.5.7 - Silent But Deadly


Hello Everyone, and welcome to the official release of VU 0.5.7...

"Wait, what?... What happened to VU 0.5.6?"


Oh Noes - VU 0.5.6 Delayed

Some of you might have already caught this story through other channels...
Here's the official story to counter any false rumors that might be floating about...   Wink


VU 0.5.5 - Sound Of The Underground

Hello Everyone,

It was rather late last night when we released the new VU and public client. In dire need of some sleep we decided to delay the official release notes, until now that is. We know that a lot of people were eager to test underground mining so we expect you will enjoy version 0.5.5 and the sound of the underground.

release notes 0.5.5


VU 0.5.4 - Operation: Clean-Up

Cleaning up some litter left over from the last update we are ready to release the new client in public.

Most important fix applied is the shader and fallback shader for bumped terrain which caused problems with intel graphics. This has been tested on a couple of setups and worked like a charm. If you experience any problems then we'd rather not hear about it...   Wink



Working On It

There were some issues with the server connectivity while the provider was upgrading. Server login and client downloads are disabled for now. The new connection is up and running and the new update is being tested and released as soon as possible.


More news to follow...


GFX Buggers...

Hi everyone,

Shortly after launching the VU 0.5.3 we received some reports about graphical issues. We investigated the matter and it appears to be related to the used shader in combination with Intel graphics adapters. Since we're lacking the funds to provide everyone with a decent graphics adapter, we tweaked the ATSv2 shader to support a fallback shader which actually preserves the textures. This new setup has been successfully tested on an intel platform and will be released a.s.a.p.

We'll be back soon with more news...


VU 0.5.3 - The Long Haul

It took quite some time to get this far so we hope you enjoy this HUGE update Smile

The new client is available

Release notes 0.5.3


Almost Ready...

Despite some minor setbacks, we will be releasing the new VU 0.5.3 later today.
The publication of the new client and detailed release notes will follow shortly.

We'll be right back... Wink


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