Version 0.4.x - Codename Overhauling

Rumor has it that there has been a new version available to public without an official announcement. We are not going to deny nor confirm any of these rumors but the facts are that we are close to delivering a stable release. As always, there will be an official announcement on this channel as soon as we think things are stable enough... Wink


Progress Status

It's been a while since the 0.3.7 version was published and we're happy with the results so far.

We identified some more and less important issues and like to thank everyone involved in testing/reporting. It's really appreciated! Development might have slowed down a bit, because of good weather and social obligations, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Smile


VU 0.3.7 Is Up!

OBCity Server and Client have been updated to version 0.3.7.

Everyone (old and new players) will start at the character customization screen.
Here you can set up your avatar name and looks before spawning in the beginner city.
You will receive a starter pack with a handgun, rifle, healthkit and 1k of supplies for each.

This update will pave the way for more items, trading, crafting and more...

Have fun!


Milestone VU in Progress

The server will be down while we are deploying the new server and client versions.
This version (0.3.7) will contain the long awaited persistent item milestone update!

We expect to be back up soon so stay tuned for more news... Wink


Progress Update

Our regular visitors already noticed some of the minor updates applied since the upgrade to unity 3.5.
Besides the usual tweaks (and some fixes) the performance has drastically improved with the engine upgrade.

- The GUI windows for Options, Settings and Inventory were given a cleaner look, saving some draw calls
- Tweaks: less smoothing, improved position and aim accuracy which is mostly noticed in PVP
- Full Screen is fixed and can be activated from the settings window (shortcut: V)


Unity 3.5

We are internally testing our server and client built using the new 3.5 version of Unity.
There are some minor bugs/errors popping up from the engine, but a fix is expected soon.

The full feature list goes on and on so you might want to check the press release instead.


Systems Up!

Everything seems to be fine. The server and client updates are up and ready for visitors.

Users logging in will be transfered to the customization facility to set up their avatar first.
After customization the user will spawn in the city center (or last know position from then on).

If, for any reason, you're having problems with the new version let us know at



Our systems will be offline while we transfer the latest version to our live environment.
We should have everything up and running within an hour or so...

John & Eddie


Development Teaser

Since we hooked up the database, we have been mostly working on bringing persistence into the game.
Most of this is "under the hood" so we're proud to present the first snapshot of character customization:

John and Eddie



Quick Note!

After registering a new account check your email (including spambox) for the activation link.
Use this one-time activation link to login and set a decent password to protect your account.
As soon as this information is saved you will be able to log into the game with your username
and password.

Just make sure you are using the latest (refreshed!) client


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