Almost Ready...

Despite some minor setbacks, we will be releasing the new VU 0.5.3 later today.
The publication of the new client and detailed release notes will follow shortly.

We'll be right back... Wink


Pictures or it didn't happen....

Well, here are some sneak previews showing off the new terrain and outpost models. (models were kindly donated by our new hero: schlumpfsack Wink ). The terrain was procedurally generated, stitched, painted and blended using some custom editor scripts written by John. Bumped terrain was achieved by using the advanced terrain shader package from the unity asset store.

These are the results so far without any baked shadows or post-fx etc. Enjoy!


Development Status Update

Hello everyone.

It might not be as soon as some expected, but the fact is that we are here to bring you some good news about the current state of development. It's almost a shame that the achievements are technical in nature like:


Project Progress Update

It has been a week since the start of the industrial revolution and we figured it is a good time to share our experience so far...

The new refine, compose and assemble approach took some time for everyone to get used to and two recipes were proven to be incorrect (titanium mace needs 2 handles and hemp refining gives 1 extra bud). Titanium quickly became scarce as the most wanted resource for the adjusted line of weaponry. Trading is now increasingly important for participants as a means to acquire the resources they need.


VU 0.5.2 - The Industrial Era

After a minor setback we are proud to present an extra large update.

Release notes 0.5.2


Update in Progress

The server will be down while we apply the new version.

We'll be back!


Sneak Preview

We have been receiving inquiries about the status and possible ETA for the new VU.
Even though we are not quite ready yet, we do have a teaser prepared for our dedicated fans. laugh


VU 0.5.1 Applied


The server was patched and new clients are available.

This release is mainly focused on bug fixes and improving stability and usability in preparation of future additions.


VU Maintenance

The server will be down while we apply update 0.5.1 to the server and client.

We'll be back...


Ionized update 0.5.0


The new 0.5.0 alpha version has been released along with a change of names.

Short list of features:
- Team hunting. You can create a team in the options window (O) and invite players from the right click menu.
- More items. New items were added as potential loot including components and raw materials.
- Bugfixes and optimizing. Always trying to squeeze as much out of the engine as possible.


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